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The Optimize Your Brain™ program is a DVD and workbook series created to maximize intellectual and emotional intelligence. Whether used privately in the home, small groups in the community, or the classroom, this peak mental performance series will help prepare your brain to improve its capacity to retain and apply knowledge. Join Dr. Neil Nedley in this six-part series recorded in front of a live audience. In each session, you’ll explore ways to achieve peak mental performance and help develop and strengthen the frontal lobe and lead to an optimized brain.  


Follow Dr. Nedley’s lecture in the hardcover, spiral-bound workbook as he presents fascinating studies and practical ways to improve your mental capacities. This well-written workbook gives you the tools you need to get started on your exciting path 

toward optimal brain function. Thought questions, “Learn More, Do More”, and “Character Connection” sections within the workbook compliment the material covered in each DVD presentation and give practical “whys” and “hows” to make peak mental performance a reality. At the end of each session, you’ll find Dr. Nedley’s Weekly Checklist that offers different suggested weekly assignments based off the material presented in each session. Those desiring the complete Optimize 

Your Brain™ experience will need the DVD series, the workbook, and The Lost Art of Thinking. Together, these materials will equip you with the tools needed to practice the principles of this course.  


Students, parents, professionals, and teachers can use practical tips and information presented to think clearly, manage emotions, improve creativity, and boost overall life satisfaction. Students improve exam scores and study skills. Parents find the suggestions highly helpful in creating a family atmosphere in which to raise healthy children. Professionals gain tools to be successful leaders and understand the emotions of others. Teachers discover tools to increase character strengths in the classroom and improve teaching skills. This program is designed for anyone who desires a great brain!


Program features:

  • Improve and manage relationships successfully

  • Significantly increase your capacity to learn, retain, and apply knowledge

  • Develop originality that is useful to others

  • Set and achieve high goals

  • Enhance creativity 

  • Increase motivation 

  • Improve self control 

  • Boost overall life satisfaction 

  • Rediscover a sense of purpose

Comments from participants in the 6 week Optimize Your Brain™ program:

"I have wisdom for living a happier life."

"I intend to continue to strive to apply and improve using the information that I have learned."

"I plan to continue the dietary pursuits of feeding my brain with healthy foods and supplements, in addition to practicing CBT and correcting cognitive distortions in order to achieve peak mental performance."

"These things can and will change lives for the better."

"Improving EQ with heightened gratefulness."

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